The Flying Claypoolians! is a one-off recording project that began life as a challenge from Mark Coppala, aka, Mark the drummer. Mark builds incredible turkey calls in a variety of styles and from different materials. It was from this work that he threw down the gauntlet - use wav file samples of his turkey calls in a musical context. The challenge quickly turned into a family project entitled "Turkey Transmission", a traditional story told from an unfamiliar point of view.

The inspiration for "Turkey Transmission" comes from the stunning Steven Wilson piece "Space Transmission", from the first Porcupine Tree album "On The Sunday Of Life". Think parody here to get the vibe.

The credits for the project are:

The project was recorded in ProTools at Make Noise Studios. Kathleen created the ambient pads and sound effects using her Alesis QS8.1. The narration, turkey calls, and other voices were captured, edited and manipulated in a Boss SP-303 sampler.

So, you wanna hear this 2:57, 2.71 mb The Flying Claypoolians! creation in mp3 format? How, you ask, can I get my ears on this jewel? Easy! Just click Turkey Transmission and enjoy!

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