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Welcome to The Claypools Outdoor Photo Album. Here you'll find pictures of the best folks in the world on the water and in the woods. Click on the thumbnails for full pictures.

Dad and Virgil


Greg sea trout


Ted McAllister fishing


Mark rows


Bernie's Bull


Greg Kindrick turkey


Loren and Flipper


Greg muzzle loader


Mark longbeard


2001 fall turkeys


2001 Harrill 8 point


Mark 2001 bucks


Chris Armstrong Trout


Kate Claypool bass


Bernie bluegill


Stefan deer 2002


Keene bow deer 2002




Tom Stark fly fishing


Tom Stark trout


Ted and Jeff Boggess - Outer Banks 94


Bob Morgan 2003 Elk


David Claypool 2003 buck


2003 Kirt 3 point


Early morning fog on the farm


Greg 2003 muzzler


Pat Richards and Mark Coppala 03 WV muzzle load harvest


Jeff Maynor 03 WV muzzle load harvest


Tom Stark Slate Run brook trout


Tom Stark Cooks Creek brown trout


Joe and Chris Armstrong prehunt 04


Tom Stark Cooks Creek 16 inch brown trout 041013


Tom Stark Cooks Creek 20 1/2 inch brown trout 041013


Mike Holstein bow 2004


Erica and Deb


MC 2005 dbl jake


Chris Armstrong 2005 trout


MC 2005 2 year old


Stark Tarpon 2005


Sam Kindrick 2005 turkey


Chris Armstrong Hico Fish


Stark 2006 Tierra del Fuego brown


MC 2006 Spring Gobbler


Chris Armstrong First Deer

























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