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Atlantic Ocean south of Long Island, from Niantic, CT
Jeff & David Calnen, Stefan, me
Low 60s to low 70s

Loren's Shark Up at 3:25 am and off to Niantic to shark fish with David & Jeff Calnen. This is Stefan's first off shore fishing experience and he seems excited. Dave's brother-in-law, Norman, will be taking us out in his boat with his helper Frank.

We took off from Niantic, past the tip of Long Island and out into the Atlantic - about a 2 1/2 hour run. On the way out we were looking for diving birds. The birds are diving for baitfish, the baitfish are a sign of schooling blues, the blues are used as bait for the sharks. We saw two flocks of diving birds early on, before clearing the tip of Long Island, and caught 7 blues with umbrella rigs - a 4-hook configuration. I hauled in three blues on one retrieve!

Stefan with fluke on We finally reached our destination and setup a chum slick. Stef's friend Jeff took the first blue shark, about a 5-footer. Stefan took the second, a larger shark, which broke off underneath the boat. He took the third, which quickly threw the hook. The fourth was the biggee, a 7 footer, which I fought in for about twenty minutes. He took four runs away from the boat during the battle. If he had made one more run, I think I would have given up. As Jerry Clower said, one of us had to have some relief. Our captain estimated the weight at 225 lbs.

We had a few more blues come in but didn't land any more. After that we ran back to the south coast of Long Island and caught several fluke. We also landed several skates and Stefan caught two sea robins on one retrieve.

Great day. We're hooked on shark fishing in particular and offshore fishing in general. We'll have to learn to fish Lake Michigan with our upcoming move.

  1 7 foot blue shark
  2 keeper fluke, several throw backs
  3 blues
  Several skates
  1 5 foot blue shark
  2 flukes
  2 skates
  2 sea robins

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