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Simsbury WMA, CT
Kathleen, me
Wet, no wind, hi 60s, lo 70s

Katie and I got out this morning around 8:00 to hunt a little and scout for bow season in two weeks. I had planned on taking the bow with judo points but Katie wanted me to take the shotgun. I loaded up the H&R 20 gauge and a pocket full of shells.

On the way, we saw 10 turkeys, half hens and half poults, at the Culbro farm. Too bad we can't hunt there!

We parked at the main Simsbury WMA entrance and were the only folks there - 279 acres all to our selves. We walked in quietly. About 50 yards from the truck I heard rain drops from a branch and I froze - so did Kate. A couple of seconds later I saw the squirrel jump to another branch. I pointed him out to Kate and she said, "Get him, Dad!" I let loose on the bushy tail about 30 feet up in a tree about 25 yards out and he dropped. We picked him up and went on our way.

We took a big lap around the large cornfield in the WMA. We spent 10 minutes or so trying to line up a shot on a second gray with no luck. He was up, perhaps with company, in the largest tree at the end of the path by the river beside the cornfield. I first picked him up on the fencerow between the corn field and the path.

We circled our way around the field and saw tons of deer tracks. Tracks, tracks everywhere but still haven't seen a deer. They gotta be there.

  0 deer seen
  2 squirrels seen, 1 killed

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