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Quabon Reservoir, MA
Mark Berthiaume, me
Low 70s

Mark and I took off work today to fish his boat at Quabon, his home water. We hit the lake about 6:30 am with overcast skies and a forecast of thunderstorms in the afternoon. The temp earlier this week had been upper 80s to lower 90s. Water temp is up to 73 degrees F.

I hooked and lost a smallmouth at the bridge by the put in point and Mark picked up a 1 1/2 lb. largemouth. Fish on!

We went to the first cove of the day. I cast a Sweet-water Chub on the Lighting Rod, Penn 430ss combo with 6 lb. test and hooked a 16", 2 1/2 lb. largemouth. My drag was set too loose and I had to adjust before I could get the fish in, but in he came! Nice fish.

I picked up a 10" pickerel, then hooked and landed a second 2 1/2 lb'er on the Penn 440ss, with 8lb. test and a motor oil Power Worm. Beautiful fish.

I picked up another pickerel and a rock bass on the Power Worm. Mark and I came upon some bedding small mouth and each took one. I picked up a 2 pound bronze back with a chartreuse power grub. Another nice fish.

I switched back to the chub and picked up 2 more pickerel, one pushing 14". Nice fish.

Mark landed 11 fish in all, none as nice as the 2 largemouths, but he did land a 15" pickerel. Pickerel are great fun and attack with complete abandon, a torpedo with teeth.

We had a great day on the water. Mr. Berthiaume is a fun fishing partner, serious about his craft, and always good for a laugh. Mark screwed up his motor, and got a rod tangled in the trolling motor and had it pulled into the lake. Of course this pales in comparison to our first trip out together when he dropped his boat in the parking lot of the launch ramp! For more details about the parking lot boat launch, please e-mail Mark Berthiaume.

  2 largemouth bass
  1 smallmouth bass
  1 rock bass
  4 pickerel

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