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Virgil's Farm, WV
Dad, Dave, Virgil, me
High 30s to High 50s, Light winds

Felt like hell Friday night and almost decided not to go today. It's my 14th anniversary of wedded bliss, to boot. But I finally decided to give it a good half-day.

I hit the pond stand before daylight and ran right into the bulls again. Left and worked out the gas well road above Dave. Still hunted super slow and let it turn daylight on me. Bumped up a deer in the corner behind the pine thicket before light hit. Ran up on a squirrel barking like crazy right after daylight but couldn't get a shot. Set up on the flat off the gas well road at about 8:30. At 9:30 hadn't seen a sign of life, was cold, and decided to still hunt. The ground was damp and the wind was blowing so I knew I could be quiet.

Anniversary bow kill I snuck back out the gas well road and cut into the pine thicket. About of the way in I saw three squirrels. I got within 20 yards of a big gray and missed him by a fraction of an inch. He, of course, had no idea what was going on, ran up the tree 7 or 8 feet a looked around. I missed a second time by a fraction of an inch. I crept up to retrieve my arrows and found that the judo point had penetrated and stuck in the tree along with the inserts! Talk about power.

Five minutes later I saw a deer leg about 50 yards out, moving pretty quickly through the pine thicket towards me. I quickly nocked an arrow and looked up the see the small, antlerless deer come straight at me 40 yards out still moving quickly. It stepped behind a tree, I drew back and it stepped out at 30 yards, uphill from me, almost broadside and still moving. I picked the spot behind the shoulder, released, and watched the arrow penetrate the deer, hearing the "whack" of a rib breaking. I saw it whirl, back track, and stumble through the brambles and brush beneath me 25 yards away.

I went to the point of impact and couldn't find the arrow or any blood. I searched for 5 minutes or so and began walking in the direction the deer ran. I picked up a few drops of blood 20 yards from the point of impact. Every few steps the blood was a dark pink with chunks of bone in it. I blood trailed for about 30 yards over 15 minutes and there it lay! A small button buck - good eating!

I dressed him out nicely and finally relaxed with a big drink of water. What a feeling, still one of my favorite life moments. The streak continues! Happy anniversary Hollis!

  1 deer seen and taken
  4 squirrels seen

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