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Virgil's Farm, WV
Dad, Stefan, Virgil, Me
Mid 60s to Mid 70s, Light winds

Opening day of squirrel season and Stefan wants to go! He had a soccer game (they won 9 to 3 and Stefan scored a goal) so we hit the woods about 1:00 pm. Dad and Virgil had spent the morning hunting and we met them at the farm.

Stefan and I, in full camo with our bows, walked above the pond and turned out the road above the tree stand when we saw a large red squirrel 30 yards away and 10 yards up in a tree on a branch overhanging the road. Stef slapped a sneak on him, stopped about 15 yards out, drew back, took aim, and hit the branch right below the squirrel! It was extremely close and I was proud of his composure. The squirrel couldn't see us and didn't know what was going on. He turned to face me and I drew back and put a judo point in his right lung, knocking him from the branch. He rolled down the slight slope with the arrow hanging from him, climbed about 8 feet up a tree, hung on for about 30 seconds, and then fell off dead. We were psyched.

We set up on my bow stand and had two gray squirrels run past, one stopping on a stump and the other on a fence post 10 yards away. Stef tried, how he tried, to get a shot but couldn't get it together in time. They departed.

We worked the flat a couple more hours with no luck and finally, as we were wrapping it up around 6:00, saw a gray cross the road 50 yards in front of us. We tried to pick him up put couldn't.

Great time altogether with the young guy. It was the first time he's been this excited about hunting and that makes me excited. He says he wants to go again. It has begun.

  4 squirrels seen, 1 taken

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