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Virgil's Farm, WV
Dad, Virgil, me
Low 50s to Low 80s, thunderstorms and clear

Today was the first time out for turkey this year. I hit the woods before daylight, to the field past the pond with my Remington Model 1100 12 gauge, short barrel with the Turkey Extra Full choke. In the woods, had to crap, no toilet paper, back to the house. In the woods, 15 minutes or so, thunderstorm (heard one gobble with the bolts!), back to the house.

Finally back out around 8:00 am. I worked from below the pond all the way out the gas line road by 11:00. Saw deer below the pond in the big hollow and out the gas line road, called a hawk, saw squirrels but ne'er a gobble was heard. At 11:10 I sat up on the ridge where I gun hunted out the gas line road last year, hit the Lynch Model 102 box call and wham! From the next ridge I heard him gobble! I waited a couple of minutes, yelped again - waited a couple more minutes & yelped again. Gobble and he was halfway there. I hit the box once more, laid it by my leg, raised my gun to my knee and waited. I picked him up at 75 to 80 yards out and watched his head turn white and blue as he came in. He stopped at about 50 yards out for 10 seconds or so, and then came to a tree I thought was about 35 yards out. I laid the bead on him, fired, and off he flew. Turns out to have been about 45 yards.

What a great experience. Even with the miss, I am hooked on turkey hunting. Calling the gobbler in was the biggest outdoor thrill I have experienced in a while.

Saturday evening I bought a Mossberg Ulti-Mag 12 gauge magnum and a box of 3 magnum shells. I can't wait until next Saturday.

  1 turkey seen (& missed)
  4 deer seen
  1 red tail hawk seen
  4 squirrels seen
  3 tortoise seen

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