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Boggess Farm, WV
Kathleen, me
Low 70s, Light winds

Opening day of squirrel season, part 2. After Stefan's soccer game (the boy played hard today) and tilling the garden (bleeding hand blister), Kate and I took off to Ted's for a little evening hunt. She wanted badly to hunt this morning but Momma wouldn't let her because of her sore throat. A couple of hours in the woods will cure that! Once again I took the Harrington & Richardson .20 gauge single shot.

We parked on the backside of the farm around 5:00 pm and slowly worked our way up the back fence line. Kate was very quiet and observant. I noticed on several occasions her paying attention to branches I grabbed with my hand or step placements I made - and then duplicating them. Behind the house we cut back through the woods on a deer trail.

We spent about an hour getting to the clearing at the top of hill. Walk 5 yards and wait, walk 5 yards and wait. Right at the clearing we saw the first squirrel - a big fox squirrel - about 50 yards away. I whispered to Kate that we had to slap a sneak on him and she nodded enthusiastically. We quietly worked our way around to him and saw him again. We worked up a little more and saw him in the branches of the tree, at least 50 feet up. I squeezed off a shot and, for the second time today, missed. The big red scampered up another ten feet, confused and unaware of our location. I glanced at Kate as I reloaded and she had her hands at her ears but was intensely observing everything. I put the second shell in, drew a solid bead on the target, and gently squeezed. Nothing - for about two seconds. As the squirrel fell Kate visually picked up his descent. He hit the ground flopping. I asked her to turn around as I hit his head with the butt of my gun to finish him off. I asked her what she thought and her reply was "Cool!"

I cleaned the squirrel as we were coming down the back road, making a big circle on our way back to the truck. I showed here the heart, lungs, intestines, liver, etc. and she thought it was neat but she was a little put off by the blood on my hands. She insisted, however, on carrying the squirrel in her backup.

We briefly saw a second squirrel, a gray, near the truck but only spent a couple of minutes in wait. We were hungry, excited, and ready to take our prize home. The great white hunters open the 1994 season with meat in the pot!

  2 squirrels seen, 1 taken (fox squirrel)

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