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Kanawha River, WV
Greg, Sam, me
Low 70s

Up at 5:15 to meet the Kindrick boys for a morning of carp fishing from the big red boat. Today is rodeo day but somehow we weren't excited about fishing in the tournament this year.

We hit the old Dunbar hole around 6:30 am with corn in the water. Kind of slow for a while but around 7:30 they turned on. Sam scored twice with nice fish and Greg hit one, as well. Things were looking grim for old Dad. I hooked one and it hung me up.

Suddenly Usul had called a big one! Good battle on the big blue rod with 17 lb. test. When all was said and done an 8 pound bundle of joy was mine! Good fight by the old one-eyed hump head.

I caught two more 2 pounders and a small channel cat and Sam landed another 2 pounder. We ended up with 7 carp in all and called it quits around 10:00.

We decided to run the boat up the Coal River and fool around a bit. On the way back we saw a dead guy floating face down in the water below the St. Albans-Nitro Bridge. Apparently he was a jumper. Another boater was marking him for the water rescue team to recover so we left the area. Pretty gruesome stuff to see first hand, but even with a dead guy it was a good morning.

  3 carp caught, released
  1 channel cat caught, released

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