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Boggess Farm, WV
Low 70s, light wind

After voting a straight Republican ticket I decided to get in 1 hours of hunting. I parked at Ted's barn and walked up the front of the hill and around to below the tree stand.

Loren with first bow kill Twenty yards into the woods and deer were everywhere. One jumped and ran down through the bottom and up the other side. I saw a large deer with a small one trailing it down in the creek bottom. I also picked up one in a briar patch about 50 yards away.

Then another. I had a lot of briars between the deer and me (both appeared to be does) but decided to attempt a shot downhill. I estimated the distance at 40 yards and promptly shot over the deer. One ran left out of sight and the other ran down the hill about 20 yards. I nocked another arrow and hit the grunt tube 3 times. The deer stopped and looked at me, began working her way up to me, and finally went down the hill. The second deer came back from the left and stared at me for 10 minutes.

Finally the deer put his head down and I shot from the 30 yard pin. I heard the arrow hit the tree behind the deer and the deer ran back to the left. I thought I missed again and went to get the arrow - blood on the fletchings. I turned around and saw blood everywhere. Five star blood trail!

I waited a few minutes and followed the trail 30 yards and found my quarry dead. I ran to Ted's and called Dad. When we got back I discovered I had killed a button buck! WHACK! Throat shot, big blood, Shadowman, patience, grunt tubes, shoot low downhill, persistence, WHACK!

  8 deer seen - BUTTON BUCK WHACKED!
  1 squirrel seen

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