Welcome to Coppala Turkey Calls, a website created for you to enjoy the wonderful craftsmanship of Mark H. Coppala and his father G. Harrill Coppala. As you are viewing either Harrill's or Mark's calls, click on the images to see enlargements and the intricate detail these fine craftsmen put into their work. You will also find sound files for many of the calls.

Harrill Coppala boxcall quartet Harrill builds box calls using a variety of woods with an eye toward beauty and functionality. He usually combines two or more types of woods into a single call. Harrill maximizes the natural grain of the wood he uses, finishes his calls with old-world care and craftsmanship, and occasionally adds stunning adornments. Each G.H. Coppala call is visually and tonally a unique creation.

Mark Coppala tube calls Mark builds stunning wingbone calls, box calls and tube calls completely by hand from raw materials and all wing bones used are from legally harvested wild turkeys. His workmanship is beautiful, both visually and sonically. Here at the Coppala Turkey Calls page, you can see, hear, and read about several of Mark's incredible calls.

And for fun, read about how Harrill became interested in turkey calls and turkey hunting.