Evin Twin, Graffiti Magazine
"...the most intense and original independent film that I've seen from any West Virginia Filmmaker to date."

Steve Fesenmaier, The Top Ten Most Psychotronic Films Made in West Virginia
"West Virginia filmmaker David Claypool tells the story of a young man who discovers his murdered "object of desire," a local flower girl. He retrieves the body, turning her into literally a giant puppet. In the nightmare world of porno films and snuff movies, he finds both his dreams and the horrific truth that lead him to his bitter situation. Filmed on location in Charleston and Nitro. This film is indeed lost. Claypool made this film, but shortly thereafter disappeared from the local filmmaking scene. Its intensity is extremely high given the fear the local filmmakers have of showing flesh. Even the recent Correct Change (2002) did not equal its focus on sex and perversion. I certainly hope that it will be shown again in the state and elsewhere."