Inaugural recording

The first recording with the Frankenstrat, rather mundanely titled Frankimprov 1 - 040424. We're in business.

It is alive!

It Is Alive

Mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell installed the strap locks, bent the tremolo bar just right, and tweaked the GK-2A pickup today. It Is, indeed, Alive! I played for a couple of hours, using both the Sustainiac and the Synth separate and in combination. The guitar sounds great, plays great, and offers a ton of tonal possibilities. This one is going to get some playing time.


It is alive! Science!

Mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell dropped off the sonic beast this evening. And what a beast it is! Sam says the switches and knobs are like the cockpit of an airplane.

The Sustainiac Stealth Plus is an incredible tool. It's kind of like having six eBows built into the body of the guitar. In standard mode the sustain is very eBow-like. In harmonic and harmonic mix mode it adds in something like super high volume feedback and a Whammy pedal running in interval mode. For a cool extra, when running the synth with a sustainable patch, the Sustainiac allows for infinte synth sustain, too.

The synth is awesome, with excellent tracking and enormous variety of tonal options. With the ability to play in guitar mode, synth mode, or mix mode, one can move in and out of a variety of tonal personalities, from pure acoustic piano to mixed synth and overdriven guitar.

And the guitar tones themselves are excellent, as well. The Lace Sensor pickups are crisp and strong and the Sustainiac in regular pickup mode is bright and clear.

Tomorrow I'll run the beast back into the laboratory to have the strap-locks installed and the tremolo bar bent a bit to improve the playing angle. I'll put up the official picture in the afternoon. Finally, Sam has ordered a replacement pickguard, in white parchment, that will arrive in four to six weeks. I'll be playing the beast in the meantime!

It is finished

The Frankenstrat is finished! I'll have it in my possession in less than an hour! More later...

Back to Sam

March 26 front March 26 back

The Frankenstrat was returned to mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell today for installation of the strap locks and final setup. Sam is going to order a new pickguard and replace the existing one at a later date.

In the first picture you can see the knob/switch/button extravaganza. Science! Three knobs, two push/pull pots, two buttons, two toggle switches, and a pickup selector switch add up to a ton of options. Also note the Sustainiac Stealth Plus in the neck position, the Lace Sensors in the mid and bridge positions, and the synth pickup near the bridge. And check out the cool Tusq saddles! In the second picture you can see not one, but two battery compartments on the rear of the guitar. I can jump start a Ford F-150 with the beast.

Plays like a dream - what a great tone from the Sustainiac. Target for return home is Wednesday. Almost there!

Precious moments

It's here! Spent a very few minutes working with it this evening, what an incredible concept. I will test out a little tomorrow. More as it happens and a quick picture, too.

Frankenstrat returns

I'm traveling this week but the young lady tells me the Frankenstrat has returned from the fine folks at Maniac Music and is parked at Make Noise Studios. I'll return the beast to mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell on Friday.


The plot thickens

I spoke with Alan Hoover of Maniac Music this morning, a heckuva nice guy. The plot thickens - here's the latest. I'll update the about accordingly this evening.
We're physically out of real estate now! Alan is on it and I expect to have the instrument back this week, then off to mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell for a final setup this weekend.

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