It is alive! Science!

Mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell dropped off the sonic beast this evening. And what a beast it is! Sam says the switches and knobs are like the cockpit of an airplane.

The Sustainiac Stealth Plus is an incredible tool. It's kind of like having six eBows built into the body of the guitar. In standard mode the sustain is very eBow-like. In harmonic and harmonic mix mode it adds in something like super high volume feedback and a Whammy pedal running in interval mode. For a cool extra, when running the synth with a sustainable patch, the Sustainiac allows for infinte synth sustain, too.

The synth is awesome, with excellent tracking and enormous variety of tonal options. With the ability to play in guitar mode, synth mode, or mix mode, one can move in and out of a variety of tonal personalities, from pure acoustic piano to mixed synth and overdriven guitar.

And the guitar tones themselves are excellent, as well. The Lace Sensor pickups are crisp and strong and the Sustainiac in regular pickup mode is bright and clear.

Tomorrow I'll run the beast back into the laboratory to have the strap-locks installed and the tremolo bar bent a bit to improve the playing angle. I'll put up the official picture in the afternoon. Finally, Sam has ordered a replacement pickguard, in white parchment, that will arrive in four to six weeks. I'll be playing the beast in the meantime!


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