Jimmy Carter's mess

A mess left by Jimmy Carter

And then depression set in. Nothing aligned with nothing. After discovering the fallacy of the custom milled trem block alignment mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell exclaimed, "Tom is an a**!"

The mad scientist, valiantly refusing to concede defeat, rejects keeping the stock trem block as an option, and is actively looking for another solution. One avenue of exploration is with Fender "level two support". The working hypothesis is that the trem block and bridge configuration changed slightly over time.

As the aborted work session came to a close, the mad scientist noted the root cause of the problem. "This can all be traced back to the thirty-ninth President of the United States. Jimmy Carter had the opportunity to lead America into utilization of the metric system like the rest of the world. But, as with so many other issues, Carter folded to pressure, isolating America in all things measurement for all of eternity. If Fender USA and Fender Mexico were both using the metric system, our parts would align and we would be celebrating progress towards the unleashing of the sonic beast. Yes, this is mess left by Jimmy Carter."

'nuff said.


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