She's back!

Leather pickguardSam returned the Baritone Tele yesterday, complete with the leather pickguard, a new Claypool logo, and a Mighty Mite brass 3-way pickup selector switch with a way cool chromo conical tip. Sam told me he had the switch for years but never the right guitar. After installing the leather pickguard, he found the switch its rightful home. It was the coup-de-grace! The detailed tooling on the leather pickguard is beautifully done and the guitar has that Western look that we have been after. More Western than Country! It's got rodeo all over it.

Baritone Tele body 050122Never say never, but I think this project is complete. The tone of this guitar is absolutely outrageous and the playability is superb. I was ClayLoop-ing with the guitar yesterday, with Stefan behind his drum kit, and I laid down a simple but funky rhythm part, stepped all the way down on the wah pedal, dropped everything an octave with the Whammy pedal, and a 1971 version of Chris Squire's bass tone jumped out of the speakers! With the Whammy pedal off, I worked all three pickup positions with and without the Tube Screamer for a wide variety of amazing sounds.

The guitar moves comfortably from deep and rich to bright and cutting tones. The pickups are wonderfully balanced and when combined offer a unique sound. The responsiveness to the tone control is as broad as any guitar I've ever owned, probably due to the Sprague Orange Drop tone cap. Day in, day out, she's a player.


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