A voice mail

I just received a cell phone voice mail with no voice, just the stunning sound of a baritone tele being played, and played nicely I might add. I immediately called mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell and he was still playing the beast in his workshop. A happier guitar tech there has never been. Sam exclaims the balance of the instrument in terms of both feel and tone are dead on perfect. Even over the phone I could hear the monster twang of the bridge pickup and the jaw-dropping tone of the P-90. Riding down on the low B-string simply loosens one's bowels. Sam is delighted with the end result - and therefore I know I will be, too.

He did a little body work, too, using a bit of black enamel to touch up a couple of spots on the body. All that remains is the application of the cowgirl decal. Then it will sound really good!

Folks, having a guitar mentor, guitar-tech, and friend like Mr. Sam is a rare privilege. The man is a guitar genius is a very real sense of the phrase - and a heckuva nice guy to boot.


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