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The Baritone TeleI picked up the Baritone Tele and it's everything mad scientist, guitarist and guitar-tech extraordinaire Sam Hubbell said it is and everything I imagined it would be. Sam kept one surprise in store for me. He wasn't happy with the stock Seymour Duncan P90s, particularly in how they balanced with the QuarterPound. Solution? Sam got a custom-wound P90 pickup from Seymour Duncan designed to match up with the QuarterPound. Custom-wound pickup with a Sprague Orange Drop tone cap - wow!

The tone is outrageous with a stark difference in character between the P90 in the neck and the QuarterPound in the bridge. Blending the two together offers a completely different voice, as well. The natural sustain is for days. The tone control is gorgeous, covering big jazz box to hot country twang. The guitar plays like a dream and is perfectly intonated throughout the neck, all the way to the 24th fret.

The only bad news of the day is the cowgirl decal did not survive the transfer process. She was a little brittle and broke into pieces on us. I'll find another to finish the job.

It's a unique and wonderful instrument.


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