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One Feather Shy

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Excerpts from all 18 songs on One Feather Shy.

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one feather shy

Loren Claypool's One Feather Shy is a journey into genre-indifferent instrumental guitar music. The songs are realized on acoustic, electric, baritone electric, fretless electric, lap steel, baritone lap steel, touch, and synthesizer guitars. The music is textural, visual, thoughtful, and emotional, sometimes delicate and... sometimes not.

  1. Station I
  2. Colchester Turning
  3. Change of Plans
  4. Bigfoot
  5. Thank You Dan Savio
  6. Sand Sculpture
  7. The Empty Place
  8. Eulogy
  9. Good Things, Good People
  10. Baritone Drift
  11. Evening Bells
  12. Fire Dancing on Frozen Tundra
  13. Circular Motion
  14. First Light
  15. Lifting Fog
  16. Cycles
  17. When Dads Fly Away
  18. Station II