2004 Industrial Guitars Indy Rail coil tap 2004 Industrial Guitars Indy Rail, made by Chris Fouke, 6 string electric lap steel with aluminum top and back plates, brushed silver finish, heavy wall aluminum tube frame sides, rear mounted control access plate, chrome Grover Rotomatic model 102c tuners, 22.22" scale length, 1 Kent Armstrong M213k PAF style, humbucking pickup, 8 ohm with ceramic magnet, coil tap mini-switch, retro-black volume and tone knobs, and a headstock hole for wall display/storage, 32 inches long, 6 inches wide at base, 4 inches wide at headstock x 1 1/8 inch total body depth (not including height of tuner knobs), weighing in at 7 lbs., and tuned in E6.

Loren proudly endorses the tone dripping aluminum instruments from Industrial Guitars.

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