comments from recording musicians

"I really, really enjoyed your CD...congrats on a great release. Really unique background textures and compositions."
- Bryan Beller

"Your cd is great and we're happy to recommend it, will keep doing so!"
- Hernan Nunez

"Very nice indeed."
- Patrick O'Hearn

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Stunningly emotive aural sculptures that ebb and flow and carry the listener on through Loren's very personal journey. I hear moments of Crimson, Zappa, Keneally, Hedges, Legg and maybe even a tad of Keola Beamer."
- Mike Gaito

"Very cool music, 'genre-indifferent', I like that! ;-)"
- David Fiuczynski

"The pieces are great."
- Markus Reuter

"The cool lap playing brought Kimock to mind."
- Ed DeGenaro

"Some very cool music."
- Geoff Brandin of The Vanduras

"I am so enjoying all your beautiful stringy guitar sounds and moods on One Feather Shy."
- Randy Strom

"Ambient in combination with gritty guitar tones and E-bow, very tasteful and wonderful use of electric guitar color."
- Marco Oppedisano

"The tunes are performed masterly and they are truly beyond the limits of certain genres, guitar music of the future."
- LeaLoop (Leander Reininghaus)

"A great sense and understanding of the broad range of the guitar."
- Teed Rockwell

"Awesome guitar work."
- Jurica Jelic

"Great style and composition, a departure from the norm."
- Ken Andreoni

"Beautiful playing and unique music."
- Jose Moura

"Simply excellent with intelligent and thoughtful compositions and unique details."
- Amir Baghiri

"The layering of the guitars is gorgeous."
- Paul Kuhn

"Lovely spacious instrumentals, like ice sculptures, if you like David Sylvian's instrumentals on Gone to Earth you'll like these."
- Norman Lamont

"If you like the expression of Jeff Beck and have a leaning towards the eclectic this is for you, fretless guitars and lap steel transform this disc into a journey towards the ethereal."
- Aaron Cowan

"What shows up here is a composer's ability to paint or weave with sound in such a way that we get to see the painting or the tapestry, which is much larger and more grand than the instrument."
- Wayne Manning

comments from listeners

photo by Kathleen Claypool "Ambient, new age, instrumental Ry Cooder, beautiful... early Mike Oldfield."

"Ambient Atlantic."

"Take Bill Frisell, turn down the jazz and Americana, turn up the ambient soundscapes."

"Ambient Twang."

"...shades of Bill Frisell, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler mixed in with electronica and folk elements."

"Ethereal, inspiring, diverse, progressive, well-produced."

"Guitarish, ambient, textural, soundscapes with a meaning..."

"Lush, layered..."

"Cinematic guitar instrumentals."

"...technologically soulful."

"David Gilmour in heaven."

"Different. Like fine wine or scotch... best savored slowly to catch all the different flavors."

"A number of the tracks remind me of the acoustic Pink Floyd work of Animals and the soulful sounds of Wish You Were Here."

"Eccletic, rich, haunting, uplifting..."

"Emotionally exposed and beautiful."

"A circle of life's perfection, designed with a soulful meaning, mastered with high fidelity, and an intricate electronic imagination."

"Very atmospheric, in the vein of Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond."

"Somewhere between (or around) Bill Frisell, CGT, Brian Eno with a guitar..."

"It sounds like it could be music from a Quentin Tarantino movie."

"Phillip Glass with a guitar and a story."

"...sounds like cool film-noir."

"Cinematic, evocative, subtly surreal, and melodic..."

"One Feather absolutely brilliant; I'm enjoying it, savoring it, inspired by it!"

"Great work, very haunting music..."


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