The Claypool Nano-Brewery

Batch 106 - Toad Slobber Stout

Ingredients (5 gallons)

2 lbs. Geordie Dark Dried Extract
6.5 lbs. Pale Ale Malt
0.75 lb. Crystal Malt 60L
0.375 lb. Black Patent Malt
0.375 lb. Roasted Barley
1.75 oz. No. Brewer Hops Pellets (8.6A) boiling
0.5 oz. Fuggles Hops Pellets (3.4A) finishing
1 tsp Irish Moss
1 pkg. Wyeast #1084 Irish Ale liquid yeast
4.75 gallons Filtered tap water
2 gallons Distilled water

Estimated HBU's - 15 (3 per gallon)

O.G.: 1.054
F.G.: 1.016

Grain mix to 10 quarts filtered tap water at 170 degrees F.
Keep at around 155 degrees F for 120 minutes.
Strain grains and sparge with 12 quarts 168 degrees F filtered tap water and add to boiling pot.
Add extracts, gypsum, and boiling hops at boil for 60 minutes.
Add Irish Moss at 45 minutes.
Add finishing hops at 58 minutes.
At 60 minutes remove from heat.
At 60 minutes cool and add to 2 gallons chilled distilled water in fermenter.
Pitched yeast at 63 degrees.

Brew Date: 02/16/97

Fermented 14 days

Bottle Date: 03/02/97