The Claypool Nano-Brewery

Batch 30 - Derivation India Pale Ale

Ingredients (5 gallons)

6.6 lbs. NorthWestern Gold Malt Extract
1 lb. Laaglander Light Dried Malt Extract
0.125 lb. Crushed Crystal Malt
3.5 oz. East Kent Goldings Hops Pellets (4.6A) boiling
0.5 oz. East Kent Goldings Hops Pellets (4.6A) finishing
1 pkg. Wyeast #1968 Special London Ale liquid yeast
1 tsp Irish Moss
2 tsp Gypsum
2 gallons Filtered tap water
3 gallons Distilled water

Estimated HBU's - 16

O.G.: 1.053
F.G.: 1.014

Grain mix to 2 gallons filtered tap water until boiling.
Add extracts, gypsum and boiling hops at boil for 60 minutes.
Add Irish Moss at 45 minutes.
Add finishing hops at end of boil - 60 minutes.
At 60 minutes cool and add to 3 gallons chilled distilled water in fermenter.
Pitched yeast at 66 degrees.

Brew Date: 05/28/94

Fermented 16 days

Bottle Date: 06/13/94