The Claypool Nano-Brewery

Batch 16 - Red Fox Bitter

Ingredients (5 gallons)

4.4 lbs. Premier Light Hopped Extract
1 lb. Laaglander Amber Dried Extract
0.5 lb. Laaglander Light Dried Extract
0.125 lb. Roasted Barley (crushed)
0.0625 lb. Crystal Malt (crushed)
2 oz. East Kent Goldings Hops Plugs (5.0A) boiling
0.5 oz. East Kent Goldings Hops Plugs (5.0A) finishing
1 tsp Irish Moss
1 pkg. Wyeast #1098 British Ale liquid yeast
2 gallons Filtered tap water
3 gallons Distilled water

Estimated HBU's - 22 (4.4 per gallon)

O.G.: 1.044
F.G.: 1.013

Grain mix to 2 gallons of filtered tap water boiling.
Add extracts and boiling hops at boil for 60 minutes.
Add Irish Moss at 45 minutes.
Add finishing hops at 59 minutes.
At 60 minutes cool and add to 3 gallons chilled distilled water in fermenter.
Pitched yeast at 74 degrees.

Brew Date: 01/30/94

Fermented 18 days

Bottle Date: 02/17/94