The Claypool Nano-Brewery

Batch 13 - Snowbound Mild Ale

Ingredients (5 gallons)

4.4 lbs. Premier Hopped Light Malt Extract
0.5 lb. Laglander Light Dried Malt Extract
0.25 lb. Crushed Crystal Malt
0.25 lb. Crushed Roasted Barley
0.25 lb. Crushed Black Patent Malt
0.5 oz. Williamette Hops Pellets (4.5A) finishing
2 pkg. Premier Yeast dried (7 gram packets)
1 tsp Irish Moss
2 gallons Filtered tap water
3 gallons Distilled water

Estimated HBU's - 12 (2.4 per gallon)

O.G.: 1.032
F.G.: 1.014

Grain mix to 2 gallons filtered tap water until boiling.
Add extracts and boiling hops at boil for 45 minutes.
Add Irish Moss at 30 minutes.
Add finishing hops at 43 minutes.
At 45 minutes cool wrot by chilling in snow.
Add to 3 gallons chilled distilled water in fermenter.
Pitched yeast at 68 degrees.

Brew Date: 01/04/94

Fermented 11 days

Bottle Date: 01/15/94